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Saranac Lake: 2nd annual Lake Clear Day

By Diane Chase Last year Lake Clear’s Charlie’s Inn transformed into a bustling train depot of years’ past with a stagecoach, 1912 taxi and even hotelier Paul Smith greeting visitors. Well, he wasn’t the real Paul Smith. We were still able to gain quite a bit of knowledge regarding the importance of the Lake Clear Train Depot and the role it played for the Paul Smith’s Hotel. The event features live music, plenty of food, period games, and vendors. A special children’s activity to look forward to is the “Thomas the Train” race. Kids can paint small wooden train engines and later race against each other.  New this year is local storytellers sharing Lake Clear history for all to enjoy. There is a complete schedule of events at Charlie’s Inn, .

Adirondack Sleigh Rides: A sleigh ride overlooking the High Peaks

Travis DeValinger of The Equine Center has a team of Belgians hitched to the sleigh, ready for a trip around the Lake Placid Club Golf Course. A group gathers around while the horses are rested and watered. Travis takes this time to explain some basic information to those of us not in the horsey-know. Children stand around with mouths open as they watch these mammoth-sized animals gently nuzzle Travis for attention. He then explains the workings of the custom-made sleigh and lantern-lit options available to carry us over the golf course and back.

Adirondack Family Fun: Polo anyone?

By Diane Chase This weekend the Adirondack Polo Club  in Westport, NY will hold its Leslie Cup to raise funds and awareness for High Peaks Hospice and Palliative Care. On September 4th the Club will donate proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House. Not only is this a fun activity for kids but also raises much needed funds for a worthy cause. According to Lonnie Cross, Adirondack Polo Club member, the club is in its fifth season though for the last two years has made Westport its summer home. Previously the club traveled to destinations as far away as New Orleans to participate in matches. When Cross purchased land from a golf facility he did so with the purpose of providing a different local attraction for the community. “We are polo enthusiasts that are used to traveling. This year we have played matches on the other side of the lake with the Sugerbush Polo Club as well as in Saratoga. Our players come from different backgrounds,” says Cross. “We have careers beyond polo so this is