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Nature Detective: Eastern (Canadian) Hemlock

Eastern Hemlock Scientific Name:  Tsuga canadensis Family Name  (Scientific and Common): Pinaceae Continent of Origin:  North America Did you know?  The Eastern hemlock is Pennsylvania's state tree! The needles and bark have been used for medicinal purposes in folk and Native American medicines. The needles have low doses of Vitamin C and the tannins in the bark*  *please do not self diagnose. Please go to a medical professional for advice in treating any of the conditions listed below.  Medicinal Purposes* Needles used as a tea or tincture: Kidney ailments, rheumatism, colds, and coughs, Bark has been used in a tea to treat colds, fevers, diarrhea, coughs, and even scurvy. It has astringent properties for skin conditions and a poultice has been used to treat wounds in wilderness first aid. • T he Eastern Hemlock is a woody tree that can live for over 800 years and be over 75' tall and 25' spread at maturity • The bark contains tannins tha

HIking with Kids Trail Trivia: Look For This Tree: Tamarack

Look for This Tree!  It is the only deciduous   conifer *   It's needles will turn yellow in autumn. This tree is mostly found in swampy places