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Whiteface Mountain and Gore Season Passes: Deadline June 21

It is challenging to think about snow when the mercury hits 90 but if you love a discount and plan on buying a season pass to either Whiteface or Gore than now is the time to do it.  ( BTW, I have nothing to do with Whiteface or Gore but hate to pay full price for anything.)  Whiteface Mountain and Gore Season Passes: Deadline  June 21 Adult Non-Holiday Whiteface / Gore $565 Adult Full Season Whiteface / Gore $720 There are additional benefits for Season Pass Holder Benefits: 1 Complimentary Summer Cloudsplitter Gondola Ride 1 $5 Off Adult Admission to Oktoberfest 2 Tickets to a Saturday Night Ice Show this Summer 2 42% Off Any Food, Beverage or Merchandise Purchase 1 50% Off a Quick Tune Available Non-Holidays 2 Bring a Friend and Save $10 Off One Day Lift Ticket Anytime 2 Bring a Friend and Save $25 Off One Day Lift Mid-Week, Non-Holiday Lift Ticket

Adirondack Fiber Fest at Lake Placid's Adirondack Yarns

By Diane Chase I taught both my children to knit but my son never found it to be the relaxing activity that my daughter and I do. He will take up my daughter’s needles in a competitive way, trying to knit faster than his sister but has yet to find the joy in creating something new from a few balls of yarn. He is more interested in how the yarn is created. It is an interesting stage when children finally connect that everything comes from something else. They go to stores and turn over the packaging and exclaim, “Everything comes from China.” This Saturday Adirondack Yarns in Lake Placid is bringing local sheep and alpaca farmers together to show that some things are made right here in the Adirondacks. Rain or shine, Saturday June 11 will be Fiber Fest.

Adirondack Museums: Adirondack History Center in Elizabethtown

The Adirondack History Center Museum in Elizabethtown is open for the season.  2011 Admission: Adults $5.00, Seniors $4.00, Students $2.00,  6 and under are free. One  highlight of the visit is to climb to the top of the adjacent fire tower. This particular steel tower was reconstructed from two different fire towers. At the top we can see all around the village of Elizabethtown and surrounding mountains.

Adirondack Races: Whiteface Marathon and Inlet Black Fly Mountain Bike Challenge

You don't have to run a marathon or bike a long distance race. This weekend there are opportunities to be an "armchair athlete" while watching these two great events. People are out and about in the Adirondacks. Lake Placid is hosting its 7th annual Lake Placid Marathon and Half Marathon while all weekend between Inlet and Indian Lake, mountain bikers will be around preparing for or participating in the Black Fly Challenge. Since the mid-90's Inlet has hosted the mountain bike challenge, appropriately named,  the Black  Fly Challenge . This mountain bike race alters each year between a start in  Indian Lake and Inlet.  This year the shuttle will leave Inlet for Indian Lake so races can prepare the the long distance race.

Be a Nature Detective: Alpaca vs. Llama

By Diane Chase What is the difference between an alpaca and llama? Well, there are quite few. Though alpaca and llama are related (they're kissing cousins) the llama can weigh up to 3 times that of an alpaca. Alpaca and llama come from  Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. Since they are a hardy breed many people in the Adirondacks breed them for a variety of purposes.  Alpaca are more timid while the llama are brave Llama are used more extensively as pack animals You may see alpaca and llama in the same field because the l lama will protect the alpaca . Llama serve as herd guards. Llama's have a course fleece while alpaca's fleece is soft, fine and seen as hypoallergenic . Alpaca have been domesticated and breed for their fleece for thousands of years. Llama has ears that are shaped like bananas while the alpaca's ears are smaller and The two breeds can be interbreed but there is no purpose as the offspring would not be as strong as the llama or have as lux