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Ideas For A No Candy Halloween

When my children were young I didn't have to worry about candy or unhealthy snacks because I was the only one giving them snacks. They were satisfied with raisins and crackers. As they've gotten older they've gotten a sweet tooth for evening desserts and other treats. Now that Halloween is around the corner, it is all about the costume preparation. Soon enough, on All Hallow's Eve, it can be all about the candy. There are plenty of alternatives to passing out candy. Drug stores, local markets and even a "Dollar Store" will have inexpensive options like tattoos that can stay with kids much longer than a miniature candy bar. When it came to Halloween I used to ask our few neighbors to give our kids stickers for their sticker journals instead of sweet treats. If that didn't work, I traded each piece of candy my child received for a sticker or glow-stick. At the time my kids preferred a glow-stick option to candy. I still buy stickers, glow sticks a