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Japanese Wrapping Cloth

he Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan has a guide on using cloth as opposed to paper for wrapping gifts to cut down on the paper waste. Using the same square of fabric you can also create a tote bag to use to carry small parcels. Furoshiki (f'-ROHSH-kee) means “bath spread” and it derives from the practice of bundling clothes at public baths in the Edo Period (1603-1867). The term refers to any size or pattern, though most are around one to two ft. square. The furoshiki usually double-sided pattern and a stitched hem around the edges. Unlike wrapping paper furoshiki can be part of a gift, and can be used again and again. To make your own: Take a square of 100% cotton fabric (one that looks the same on both sides so there isn't a "wrong" side and stitch a rolled hem around the edge. You are finished. Now you can go out into the world and make it a better place! small = 18" medium = about 20" large = about 35" Another option is to go to the

Furoshiki directions


Fun Facts: Nature's Vitamin D

Did you know that with only 15 minutes a day you can get your required amount of Vitamin D ( by just being outside in the sunshine) With anything moderation is the key. Any more time than that do take protective measures with sunscreen otherwise go outside (and take your vitamin, too!)