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Adirondack Invasives: Where to look for Native New York Plants

My backyard has a mixture of wildflowers and cultivated plants with an eye toward native perennials. I gentle move the spring foamflowers, bunchberries and bluets that always manage to pop up in the middle of my kids’ baseball field. I protect the trillium from the puppy and neighborhood kids while making sure nothing invasive has traveled perhaps by squirrel, bird or child. Yes, child. I’ve had to educate my daughter that picking roadside plants, (which sometimes includes the roots, is not a good way of keeping our garden and property safe from Adirondack invasives. Since she is also a fan of gardening, I’ve limited her transplanting to items already located to our property. I’m always adding new plants and like most gardeners like to share and receive plants from friends and neighbors. I try to be careful and research each plant before accepting to my garden. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way, but am thankful for all the organizations out there willing to share in