Adirondack Bowling: Saranac Lanes Free Bowling Card

Though ideally my children’s summer vacation should be spent outside building forts, catching fish and living a childhood reminiscent of a Mark Twain story, I am all about the back-up plan. My children’s video game experience so far has been gained from friends and visiting family, I am not sure how far I can press those relationships to include 90 days of gaming. I know I would not want that even if it were offered. Healthy indoor activities can be limited.

That end of school transition can be challenging when the school schedules are replaced with other events. Sometimes we find we need to have a routine to keep the peace in the family. As my children grow older I want to make sure those events are positive activities and not directionless hanging out. TFree summer bowling card for students

Once again Romano’s Saranac Lanes is offering every student in Saranac Lake a free summer bowling game card. The offer started June 1 and runs through August 31. So for 90 days my children and yours can bowl one free game every day of the summer for the price of bowling shoes. Rain or shine. The only cost is for the $1.00 shoes. So really for the price of change found under the couch Saranac Lake students can go and spend an hour in an air-conditioned building, being active and not telling their parents how bored they are.

It has been said that bowling is one activity that has no age, gender or physical limitations. In addition to being a sport it is a family activity that brings people together when a lot of children’s games are isolating. So for our family this is a welcome opportunity to know we have a place to go, rain or shine.

Another special being offered that will go easy on the pocketbook, is Family Dollar Sundays. $1.00 shoes, $1.00 games, $1.00 hotdogs and $1.00 soft drinks.

Romano’s Saranac Lanes is located at 11 Bloomingdale Ave. Please call 891-8301 for hours of operation. To receive the free bowling card, all interested students must drop by Romano’s and fill out the registration card. So perhaps we’ll see you at the bowling alley or at the very least dropping off children for a free game.


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