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Easy, Short Adirondack Hikes Moss Lake Loop trail Inlet (Old Forge) Inlet Outdoor Family Challenge

Moss Lake is a beautiful 2.5-mile loop trail near Inlet, NY My family searches for swimming spots, every time we go for a hike. We hold tight to the knowledge that have a hot day on the trail we can come back to cool off in a nearby lake or pond. Moss Lake off of Big Moose Rd in Eagle Bay, near Inlet is one such place. Part of the 15,410 Fulton Chain Wild Forest, the trail to Moss Lake has two entrances, one accessible and the other a short jaunt to access the water. The main parking area offers plenty of parking while just 0.1-mile farther, a handicap-accessible parking area leads to a wide level path and observation platform. My family is grateful to learn that we can take members of our extended family to the other entrance on our next visit. For this time we walk the quick 0.1-mile for a quick view of the sandy shoreline of Moss Lake. The loop trail is 2.-5 miles follows the old bridle path when the property was being run as Moss Lake Camp for Girls between 1923 and 1972.

Easy Adirondack Hikes in Eagle Bay- Cascade Lake Waterfall Loop Trail (Inlet Outdoor Family Challenge)

At the trail register to the Cascade Lake trail, Eagle Bay (Inlet, NY) My family is always looking for those easy Adirondack hikes that still give us a workout and view, but still gets us back to town at a relatively early hour. We still love camping and racking up the 46ers, but we always have time to introduce friends to beautiful easy hikes that are fun for all ages, levels and abilities.  One such hike is the loop trail around Cascade Lake in Eagle Bay (Inlet). It is also an opportunity to cross one activity off the list that gets you closer to earning a badge and your name added to the Inlet Outdoor Family Challenge list*. trail map for Cascade Lake trail loop and Cascade Falls, Inlet NY This 4.9-mile loop hike is located near Eagle Bay and just a few miles south of Inlet, NY. Sometimes a bit muddy, the trail is relatively level path that can be down in two shorter excursions or a longer loop trail. The first 1.1-mile section is a multi-use trail. We encounter