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Summer camp for your kids?

I just wanted to list some regulations that all parents should be aware of when choosing a summer camp! (taken from the New York State Health Department Children's Camp in NYS. Here is a link to the complete brochure. 1) Check the staff credentials/supervision: What are the qualifications of the camp director? All directors' background are screened by the Office of Children and Family Services Central Register Database. Make sure the camp director has been cleared by the NYS Health Department. 2) In NYS all summer camps must have a state, city or county health department permit to operate legally. 3) The camp must be inspected twice yearly by a health department representative. 4) Ask about counselor training and camper supervision. 5) What medical staff is in residence? 6) Is the facility safe? What procedures are in place? 7) Are the waterfront personnel qualified? 8) How much experience does the co

Preventing Poison Ivy

Well, the first way to prevent would be to avoid but I have two small children and I might as well hold back the wind than curb their enthusiasm when outdoors. With that said, we can have both, a wonderful outdoor experience and a safe one by learning to identify poison ivy. Poison Ivy has some distinctive traits but can be difficult to identify: 1) three leaves together 2) shiny leaves in the spring 3) reddish in the fall 4) Isn't supposed to grow in higher elevations so north of Lake Placid is a safe bet To prevent: 1) In your car/backpack First Aid kit keep a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and some wipes 2) Direct contact is needed to get a poison ivy rash 3) Dogs are carriers so beware if you are in an area known for poison ivy 4) Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol helps to dissolve the urushiol oil that causes an allergic reaction. There are commercial products that will do the same thing and perhaps be gentler on a child's skin. 5) With small children wrap their hands so they don&#