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Leaving a mark on the world

I hope we are teaching our children to treat the earth with respect all year round. (There is only one, my son tells me.) I know we can always do more, learn more and be an even better example. As with everyone else we try to do little things all year, using canvas shopping bags, composting, gardening, car-pooling, and recycling. I even attempt to pass off my thrift store obsession and used bookstore passion as me saving the world one vintage cardigan at a time. It’s the free roadside furniture compulsion that my husband believes that needs intervention. I know I can fix whatever orphaned bureau sits on the roadside with the huge FREE sign attached to it convincing myself I am freeing the landfills of dressers. My husband wishes for me to make a smaller gesture. All jokes aside the kids know we are really just scratching the surface. Every year we have taken on the job of cleaning up the Ampersand Mountain trailhead. After the first few years of trying to convince my children that its

Inside Fun: Make Your Own Food Coloring

Make Your Own Food Coloring You can make your own food coloring by using other foods. Have you ever forgotten to strain the extra juice from blueberries when you are going to make blueberry bread? I can't possibly be the only one. The whole loaf will turn a beautiful hue of purple. Just think, you can save the juice and use it to add color to your frostings and other items. There is nothing artificial about it and you don't have to worry about all the health risks associated with artificial food dyes . You’ll need to use a sieve to strain the pulp from the juice and then add as much of the juice as needed for the desired color. Berries are great for making colored icing. There are also natural food dyes that can be found at your natural food store or online. Foods That Color Other Foods: Red: onion skin or beets Yellow: turmeric Brown: coffee Blue: red cabbage Lavender: blackberries Green: spinach There are plenty of other naturally occurring items. Please be careful when try