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Free High School Play Writing Competition For Adirondack Park Students

DEADLINE EXTENDED: February 16 Last year Saranac Lake’s professional theatre company Pendragon Theatre provided a unique opportunity to any high school-aged young adults living within the whole Adirondack Park, The Pendragon Young Playwrights’ Festival. The Festival focuses on a competition for high school students to submit a one-act play (up to three plays per playwright or team) on any subject. The February 1 st  deadline is quickly approaching so I want to encourage young adults to take advantage of the chance to have their winning play performed at the March festival.  I’m always a bit skeptical of writing competitions. There always seems to be some hidden fee involved, but Pendragon Theatre’s competition is free. The winning playwrights are also given the chance to meet with a creative team to further develop their submission for the stage before the March production.  

FREE Family Winter Film Series with the Champlain Valley Film Society

The Champlain Valley Film Society and I have a special relationship. There are opportunities in this world that are in our neighborhoods and we just can't be bothered taking advantage of it.  I had read about Film Society showing the Oscar nominated film "Captain Phillips." As it turns out the real Captain Richard Phillips had a connection to Essex, NY and the Champlain Valley Film Society. Not only was my family able to watch the film on the big screen, but we were able to participate in a Q&A with Phillips. My children still talk about the experience today.  Now the Film Society is doing something for families. Throughout the winter months, CV Film Society will be hosting three family-friendly films for free at the Whallonsburg Grange location.  December 7, Sunday, 2 pm: "Babe" i s based on the Dick King-Smith's book "The Sheep-Pig" in which an orphaned piglet is brought home and raised by border collies. When Babe helps stop a pac

Adirondack Family Activities: Ticonderoga Art Treks

Seagle Colony presents "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" By Diane Chase Twenty-nine years and still going strong, the Ticonderoga Festival Guild continues to provide weekly children’s programming under the name Arts Trek. Each Wednesday morning at 10:15 a.m. Ticonderoga Arts Trek holds court at the Knights of Columbus Pavilion, behind the K of C Hall on Montcalm, for anywhere from 200 to 250 children. According to Executive Director Cathie Burdick the program name Arts Trek originated in the 80s and is an anagram of the then popular TV show Star Trek.

FREE FISHING WEEKEND in the Adirondacks

By Diane Chase This weekend is FREE fishing weekend around New York State. This is an opportunity for anyone to try fishing and not have to worry about getting a fishing license. One place for kids to fish all season is Lake Steven in Wilmington, This small pond is specifically stocked for children and family members with disabilities.

Adirondack Easter Egg Hunts: April 23, 2011

By Diane Chase This weekend   North Country Community College   (NCCC) will host its 2 nd  annual Easter Egg Hunt on the grounds of the Sparks Athletic Complex Soccer Field in Saranac Lake. No worry there is an inside alternative in case of bad weather. The backup plan for the event is the Sparks Athletic Complex Alumni Gymnasium, according to NCCC’s Athletic Director Heather Conger. My children never seem to grow out of hiding refillable toy eggs. They have gathered quite a collection over the years from wooden, plastic and even metal egg-shaped trinkets. Most have the capability of hiding a treasure even though the eggs are usually empty. Full of candy or hollow, my kids’ seem to revert back to their caveman instincts of hunting and gathering. For my children these multi-colored faux eggs are really a smaller version of the cardboard box that holds the child’s attention longer than the actually gift.

Adirondack Earth Day: Free Bus Rides in Essex County


Lake Placid Activities: Free tour of USA Luge Headquarters

Lake Placid has the only indoor luge facility  The USA Luge team , headquartered in Lake Placid, gives free tours of their facility every weekday at 2:00 p.m.  Considering it is the official headquarters for the US Luge, it is an unassuming structure, more warehouse than office building. It’s a casual tour where athletes may be fine-tuning their sleds or watching videos of individual practice starts. The tour starts with a 20-minute introduction video that can jump-start anyone’s luge education. The movie is just as fast and furious as the sport.  The indoor facility, the only one in the US and one of seven in the world, is quite impressive. Athletes use three refrigerated ramps to improve their start techniques with the latest technology, shaving milliseconds off their time. There is even an opportunity to try out a practice sled (not to slide on) and find out how to steer using your legs to squeeze on the curved part of the runners (kufen), to direct the pod, the custom-formed

Lake Placid for Kids: Lake Placid Center for the Arts Young and Fun Series