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Lake Placid for kids: Fun Trivia Facts: John Brown's Farm

The entrance to John Brown Gravesite   John Brown's Farm in Lake Placid, NY • 244-acre historic grave site of militant abolitionist John Brown • " John Brown's Body Lies A-Mouldering in the Grave"  song lyrics   • John Brown moved to North Elba after hearing about the work Gerrit Smith was doing providing land to freed African-Americans.  Statue of John Brown • Gerrit Smith differed from John Brown in one significant way, he was a pacifist.  • Gerrit Smith sold a parcel of his property to Brown.  At that time Smith was selling land to free African-Americans for $1/acre. * Brown acted as a mentor/teacher to these free men but had a frustrating experience trying to farm the land around Lake Placid. John Brown Farmhouse •  John Brown and 21 followers (5 of whom were African-American) seized the armory at Harpers Ferry,VA (in what is now West Virginia) in hopes to capture arms to aid in their quest to end slavery. At

Lake George for Kids : Fun Facts:Lake George's Prospect Mountain

Prospect Mt trail follows the path of an old funicular Hike Prospect Mountain in Lake George , NY • Elevation= 2,041’ • Ascent= 1,600’