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An Easy Adirondack Walk and Views of Lake Champlain at the Champlain Memorial Lighthouse

By Diane Chase There is something special about having alone time with my daughter. It gets even better now that she branches out beyond the princess -themed play to climb, fish, or catch something. This time we are explores searching for new lands. We may not discover unchartered territory in our Adirondack Coast tour but we will tread on the lands discovered over 400 years ago by Samuel de Champlain. The Champlain Memorial Lighthouse sits on the edge of what is now the Crown Point Public Campground. It overlooks Vermont and sits surrounded by land that witnessed battles and forts. Originally constructed in 1858, the Champlain Memorial Lighthouse is a statement to the States of New York and Vermont and the Province of Quebec who worked together to reconstruct this monument as a testament to explorer Samuel de Champlain.

Easy Adirondack Champlain Valley hikes and walks: Lake Champlain Bridge Story

Watch this amazing Mountain Lake PBS tribute to the Lake Champlain Bridge. Learn how the demolition of the historic bridge drew communities together from Chimney Point, Vermont and the surrounding Crown Point areas.

Champlain Bridge Celebration Schedule of Events May 19-20, 2012

Schedule of Events Lake Champlain Bridge Grand Celebration May 19‐20, 2012 Saturday, May 19 9:00  a.m. Opening Ceremony (Launch) at Fort St. Frederick at Crown Point State Historic Site, NY (in main tent in case of rain) 9:30 a.m.  Lake Champlain Visitor’s Center opens ‘til 11 a.m.  10:00 a.m.Parade lineup begins on Route 125, Vermont