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Catch the Geminid Meteor Shower Dec 13-14, 2012

The Geminids are usually the last and one of the most prolific meteor showers of the year. the August Perseids is the other major meteor shower.  This December 13-14, the new moon will provide a dark sky, better providing a grand backdrop for these showers. Also known as Falling Stars or Shooting Stars , a meteor shower appears as streaks of light when a meteorite enters the earth's atmosphere. A comet will pass too close to the sun and small bits of debris will break off leaving a trail of small pieces. When the earth rotates through the comet's path, these small pieces burn looking like falling stars. When? December 13-14 starting at dusk with good viewing starting around 9 EST and best viewing around 1 am on the 14th. What to wear? Dress warmly. It may not happen immediately.