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Easy Adirondack Hikes: Hurricane Mountain Fire Tower (Elizabethtown NY)

Hurricane Mountain  Elevation = 3,694'   Vertical ascent = 2,000' Distance = 2.6 miles Hurricane Mountain, located in Essex County, has a solid rock summit and 360º view. It's most known for its fire tower that was first built in 1909. That wooden structure was replaced in 1919 with the current 35' Aermoto LS-40 tower and 7'x7' metal cab.  There had been quite a lot of controversy regarding whether the fire tower should be repaired or maintained, but in 2014 New York State approved the plan to restore public access to the Hurricane Fire tower. Now in 2016, the fire tower is open, thanks to the Friends of Hurricane Mountain and other volunteers.  There are three different approaches for this mountain. Coming from the Rt. 9N approach, this hike gains very little elevation for the first mile.  After signing in at the register, the path follows an old road that weaves through wooded areas, crossing plank walkways over marshy areas.  After passing cr

Adirondack Hikes: Climbing Loon Lake Mountain (Fire Tower)

Loon Lake Mountain (Fire Tower) Vertical Ascent  = 1,642' Elevation = 3,335' Distance = 2.8-miles A friend of mine was describing her journey leading a group of boys up Loon Lake Mountain. She had gone in early summer and had experienced a wet trail and lots of mud. Though challenging, she described the trail with such joy that I had to bring my daughter along this rediscovered path. It may not be easy but Loon Lake Mountain is a great Adirondack family hike.   The 2.8-mile trail is accessed from a parking area on CR 26 in the Town of Franklin, north of Loon Lake. With an elevation of 3,335’ and a vertical ascent of 1,642’, the trail is well tagged with yellow trail markers. The path zigzags from woods to logging roads before reaching the base of the mountain. Even in late summer the trail is swampy in places. We discover that the most difficult part of the trail was about ½-mile from the summit. After crossing four plank bridges the trail started gaining

Adirondack History: Fire Towers in the Adirondacks and Catskills of New York

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, enormous forest fires were threatening residents and landowners. New ways had to be looked at to try to protect and report how these fires could be managed. Two different fires, 1903 and 1908, which damaged over 1 million acres of woodlands, became known as the "Great Fires" leading to an organized system of forest fire management throughout the Adirondacks. The first Adirondack fire tower, made of wood, was built on the summit of Mount Morris (now known as Big Tupper Ski Area) with other towers being constructed over the course of the next five years. There have 120 fire towers at various locations around New York State with 57 of them within the boundary of the Adirondack Park. The log and wood structures were slowly replaced by steel towers between 1917 and 1930, which could be more easily maintained. A full-time work force from Forest Rangers to Fire Observers were organized to manage fire districts.

Easy Short Old Forge Hikes: Bald (Rondaxe) Mountain (Eagle Bay NY)

Bald Mountain Fire Tower was restored and reopened in 2005 Bald Mountain (Rondaxe)  Location  = Between Eagle Bay and Old Forge (NY) Distance  = 1.0 mile Elevation  = 2,350' Vertical Ascent = 390' By Diane Chase My son plans on giving me the Adirondack Kids ® version of a climb up Bald Mountain. There are nine books to date in the middle reader series by father/son authors Gary and Justin VanRiper. I am getting the synopsis and walking tour all in one climb to the summit. Looking down from the top of the Bald Mountain fire tower! My daughter isn’t interested in the book tour; she is on a quest of her own. Sometimes I believe she is channeling my grandmother with her apron over a charmingly old-fashioned dress that is only suitable for the very old or very young. Her floppy hat and purse complete her walking outfit. The beaded handbag causes a bit of stir but she has managed to fit in a granola bar and bottle of water. She flings it over her shoulder and st