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Plattsburgh (NY) Bike Trails: The Air Force Base Two-mile Bicycle Loop

We are visiting friends in Plattsburgh and always attempt to get some wiggles out before gracing them with our presence. We have heard of a two-mile pedestrian path alongside the lakefront of the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base (PAFB). We are familiar with the museums at the former Base so know right where to go to find the beginning of the path. We park the car in the lot overlooking Lake Champlain and ready ourselves for the two-mile trek. One child is on his two-wheeler and the other in the No Longer a Baby…Jogger while my husband and I rollerblade. We gingerly cross the bridge over the railroad tracks and head north. Be careful; this bridge is one lane. We find a few drivers surprised by and not watching for walking traffic. My son is developmentally in a black and white stage where events have to be someone’s fault. As in, it would be the driver’s fault if a car hit him. Yes, I agree, but it will still hurt. Logic does not always play a part. Once we are on the trail it is sm