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Craft: Get ready for Christmas with this Advent Calendar idea

These were first loaded on her website in 2007 and we have used her tutorials to make  tiny purses for dolls, shoes and stars to hang from the sky.. because that is where stars come from (according to my daughter.) We even made elf shoes for "real" elves that would visit us at night. 
We did find out that we didn't have elfin visitors but mice. My child was most disappointed to learn that in our world, at our house, mice do not wear clothes but eat shoes, felt and even the cupcakes we left on the counter. 
Keep in mind that these are not my designs or artwork so if you copy or reuse, please give credit where credit it due...  (*All artwork and tutorials © Jenny B Harris, AllSorts) 
These crafts are easily manufactured using wool felt and embroidery floss. You and your kids can make a few a night while watching TV or have a stitch party on some dreary rainy day.

Come December 1 you can hang them in a row and have your little ones open one pocket per day until December 25…