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Saranac Lake: Cartoonist Stan Burdick at Will Rogers

By Diane Chase,  (as seen in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise) My family had the pleasure of going through Stan Burdick’s Ticonderoga Cartoon Museum before the collection was moved to Pittsburgh Toon-seum in 2010. We were given a rare treat; the founder and curator, Stan Burdick, was also our personal guide. As other guests came and went, Stan gave everyone the same level of attention. This Saturday, April 14 at 7:30 p.m., Stan will be at Saranac Village at Will Rogers in presenting one of his many road shows based on what he knows best, cartooning.    After talking briefly with Stan he told me this particular show is good for people of all ages. As a storyteller, he will be using large cartoon storyboards or panels to help illustrate familiar and unusual poems. He gives two examples of poetry through the ages with “Casey At the Bat,” and “A Trial In New Amsterdam.”

Great blue herons nesting!

Watch this beautiful video of two Great blue herons in flight to their nest. I love spring!

Paddling Safely in Springtime Conditions

By Diane Chase Safety is always a concern when paddling with children so we want to take whatever precautions necessary to assure a fun experience. Adirondacks Lakes and Trails Outfitters   owner Steve Doxzon says, “This time of year it’s the cold water that is the biggest issue. People need to dress for the water temperature not the air temperature. It may be 70 degrees outside but the water is still only 37 degrees.” Doxzon especially urges a person kayaking to dress accordingly as there is a greater chance for capsizing and  hypothermia . He reminds paddlers that sudden changes in conditions, like windy days, are something to be wary of when getting out on Adirondack lakes, rivers and ponds. Read More Here

Hunting Season in the Adirondacks! Spring Turkey Season

Just a reminder when spring Turkey hunting season starts in the northern Adirondacks. This type of hunting season does not have the intensity of Big Game season, that takes place in the fall. Spring Turkey Youth Hunt is April 21-23, 2012 eligible to youth 12-15 years of age. Even though my family does not hunt, I always feel it is a good idea to know who I am sharing the woods with. Have a wonderful, active time! Early Bear: September 19 - October 17 Archery Big Game: September 27 – October 23 Black Powder Big Game: October 17-23 Regular/Rifle Big Game: October 24– December 6 Late Black powder (limited DMU’s): December 7 – 13 Turkey: Spring: May 1 -31, Fall: October 1 – 23  Other small game seasons: (Squirrel and cottontail rabbit) open on October 1 but some WMU’s open earlier than others.   The same goes for Grouse hunting which starts as early as September 20 in parts of the Adirondacks. Waterfowl seasons vary by region and a separate stamp is needed to hunt w