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The importance of volunteering

I have been fortunate to have great role models in my life, my grandparents, parents and friends that have shown the true meaning of giving back. Now I hope to be able to pass along that same mindedness to my own children. I have two friends particularly that come to mind that took on the task graciously of the care of two elders. These friends have their own busy lives and spend most of it helping others. I won’t mention names only because they do good work all over and never ask for accolades. (Though secretly I applaud them.) They have shown me that taking care of someone does not deplete your reserve for helping others, but actually expands it. I’ve always had a thing for older people, their stories, their experiences. I’ve also always hoped I would grow up to be one some day. Of course, now the day is approaching with speed and clarity. It seems to me that sometimes we forget, as a society, that our elders are the very reason we exist. Without them the mistakes from which we learn