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Things to do in Lake Placid: Skating on Mirror Lake

Public skating on Mirror Lake!  By Diane Chase  Ice skating on Mirror Lake is just one option for getting outside, exercising and being in nature.  There is no better experience than being outside and skating on a natural pond looking out at the Adirondack High Peaks.  There are warnings in place for skating on ponds and lakes. Please heed those warnings, for your own safety.  According to the Saranac Lake Voluntary Fire Department  , "NO ICE IS SAFE ICE." • Frozen ice is seldom the same at the shore as it is in the center of the pond.  • Some Adirondack lakes are actually dammed rivers and have a current that seldom freezes (Lake Flower in Saranac Lake) 

Hire a licensed Adirondack Guide: Adirondack Outdoor Expeditions!

Here is the new mock-up for the latest Adirondack Outdoor Expeditions brochure. The website is still a work in progress. I will place an update when the 2010 schedule and calendar is up and running! Thank you for your interest. Tyler Chase has been leading small groups of teenagers and families into the Adirondack woods and waterways since 1983. He teaches Math in the Saranac Lake School District during the school year and has a Masters Degree in Outdoor Education. Although summer is his busy hiking season, he finds time all year to get into the wilderness with his wife and two children. He climbed his 46th high peak in 1978 and has continued hiking and climbing each peak several times since. For Tyler it is less about "conquering" the peak as it is about enjoying all a mountain has to offer. He has travelled to many parts of the world, but finds himself truly at home in the Adirondacks.