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Adirondack Family Activities: Wilder Homestead Harvest Fest Sept 24

By Diane Chase My mother read all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books to me and I started the same tradition with my daughter. I thought as we read that we could duplicate the activities the Ingalls family was experiencing. Since we are not pioneers or living a homestead life I quickly realized that my attempt at a summer full of fun activities was getting complicated right from the start when “Pa” built a log cabin. We did collect sticks and attempt to notch them to comprise a log dollhouse. We eventually had to skip the house to continue to the story and enjoyed some homemade bread. Most people have heard of the “Little House” books that preserved a personal account of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s frontier life. Translated into over 40 different languages, the Laura Ingalls Wilder series glimpses into a time that has disappeared but that clearly demonstrates how settlers like the Ingalls and Wilder families built our country.