Adirondack Ice Cream: Donnelly's Ice Cream Flavors!

Each day one flavor is offered, twisted with vanilla. Anything not sold daily is packed into containers for sale in the dairy case. This year Donnelly’s will sell an estimated 5,000 gallons of ice cream.

Please pick a size, the flavor has already been decided for you.

Since 1920, the Donnelly family has been involved in the dairy industry. But it was in 1953, after two aunts went to a dairy equipment show, that Donnelly’s Corner became synonymous with ice cream. Look to see the original Cherry Burrell ice cream machine still in use today. It is taken apart and sanitized daily then filled with the delicious mixture providing us with the flavor of the day.

Donnelly’s soft ice cream is located at the intersection of Routes 86 and 186, outside of Saranac Lake.

Monday - Nut Surprise
Tuesday - Red or Black Raspberry
Wednesday - Chocolate
Thursday - Fruit Surprise
Friday - Strawberry
Saturday and Sunday - Chocolate


John said…
I love the idea of a corner business that has been there for generations, because there is something quintessentially American about it. I'll have to make it to the Adirondacks sometime - even though I have traveled a lot and love mountains, all of my Appalachian trips have been in the southern parts of the chain.
Diane said…
Thanks John, Let me know if you ever head this way in your travels.

There is something reassuring about that family-run business opening each summer. I believe anyone that has ever visited Donnelly's has a bit of ownership in it.

Thanks for reading! - Diane
Anonymous said…
We are from Texas and every time we visit Saranac Lake, we make a point to stop here!! I'm 26 now and still craving the ice cream as I was 6...

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