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Easy Short Adirondack Hikes: Sawyer Mountain Indian Lake/Blue Mountain Lake

By Diane Chase Sawyer Mountain  Distance = 1.1 mile Elevation  =  Elevation  = 2,600' Vertical Ascent  = 640' Location: Between Indian Lake and Blue Mountain Lake (Hamilton County) Sawyer Mountain’s 1.1-mile climb is popular with a wide age set and we are no different. The parking lot has only one car as ours pulls in but we’ve been told it will soon fill up. My son signs us in at the trailhead register and we start the modest ascent to the summit. We soon catch up to the owners of the lone vehicle. The first thing we are asked is if the walk is going to be worth it. We have never been here before but our answer is a resounding yes. The trailhead and for most of the walk we are under a canopy of hardwoods. Mud from a recent rain provides a few obstacles but nothing we can’t handle. My daughter is rather curious about value added onto a climb. “Is it worth what,” she questions in a stage whisper, “money?” She is a typical six-year-old in that she realizes