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Liège Sugar Waffle Recipe: Not to be confused with the American "Belgian Waffle"

My family recently returned from a trip to Paris. While walking the streets and enjoying the atmosphere we meandered through an antique fair. One vendor was selling these delicious sugary waffles.  It has been a long time since I've had a Li è ge waffle. It brought back such amazing memories.  Here is how to make your own sugar-pearl waffles.  What is a Li è ge Waffle? Centuries ago, the Bishop-Prince of Liege,Belgium, grew tired of his breakfast brioche and asked his chef to prepare something new and different.  Just before baking, he put the sugars “pearls” that were normally on the outside of the finished brioche into the dough directly.  Instead of baking the dough patties in an oven, he baked them in a waffle iron.  His result was a fragrant, warm waffle coated with caramelized sugar.