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Adirondack Amusement Parks: Santa's Workshop near Whiteface Mountain

Santa summers in Wilmington Even Santa has a summer home and it’s in Wilmington, New York. Known as the forerunner of the present day theme park, Santa’s Workshop in North Pole NY (Wilmington) opened its doors in 1949. The fantasy village was designed in part by Arto Monaco (the Land of Make Believe fame). Complete with rides, farm animals, Christmas-themed shops, reindeer and an actual frozen North “pole” Santa’s Workshop has seen hundreds of thousands of people pass through its doors.

FREE FISHING WEEKEND in the Adirondacks

By Diane Chase This weekend is FREE fishing weekend around New York State. This is an opportunity for anyone to try fishing and not have to worry about getting a fishing license. One place for kids to fish all season is Lake Steven in Wilmington, This small pond is specifically stocked for children and family members with disabilities.

Adirondack Family Fun: Wilmington/Whiteface Bike Fest

There are many opportunities for mountain biking in the Adirondacks but Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington will be the place to be for a range of events and activities for all level of mountain biker. The Bike Fest Village will open on Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 a.m. and is free to all. Clinics, demo days, children activities and live entertainment will be just a portion of what will be happening around Whiteface Mountain Bike Park on Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington. Check out the new Hardy Road Trails, Dirt Bike Jump Park and much, much more! Schedule of events

Whiteface Mountain and Gore Season Passes: Deadline June 21

It is challenging to think about snow when the mercury hits 90 but if you love a discount and plan on buying a season pass to either Whiteface or Gore than now is the time to do it.  ( BTW, I have nothing to do with Whiteface or Gore but hate to pay full price for anything.)  Whiteface Mountain and Gore Season Passes: Deadline  June 21 Adult Non-Holiday Whiteface / Gore $565 Adult Full Season Whiteface / Gore $720 There are additional benefits for Season Pass Holder Benefits: 1 Complimentary Summer Cloudsplitter Gondola Ride 1 $5 Off Adult Admission to Oktoberfest 2 Tickets to a Saturday Night Ice Show this Summer 2 42% Off Any Food, Beverage or Merchandise Purchase 1 50% Off a Quick Tune Available Non-Holidays 2 Bring a Friend and Save $10 Off One Day Lift Ticket Anytime 2 Bring a Friend and Save $25 Off One Day Lift Mid-Week, Non-Holiday Lift Ticket

What to do in Lake Placid: High Falls Gorge Spring Hours

High Falls Gorge in Wilmington has announced its spring hours.  Considered on the natural wonders of the Adirondacks, High Falls Gorge is handicap-accessible with many opportunities for families to wander in a natural environment. This family-owned and operated business is worth the trip.  Children can do the mining activity all year long. Enjoy!

Buy a 2011/2012 Whiteface Ski Pass and ski free the rest of this season

Season passes go on sale March 13th. Buy early and ski the rest of this season for free. Purchase passes at Whiteface mountain  in Wilmington New York or online starting March 13th. BTW, don't forget March 13th is also Super Sunday where adult lift tickets are only $35.00. 

Adirondack Family: FREE Wildlife Awareness Day

Steve Hall gives a raptor demonstration By Diane Chase Labor Day weekend in the Adirondacks is a perfect time to be able to have kids get up close and personal with the wildlife that surrounds  them as we hike, walk and play.  Not so long ago my children discovered a baby robin out of its nest and floundering near our front stoop. The mother robin circled nervously. It was a difficult decision to stand back and let nature take its course. My husband and I were operating with a barrage of opinions, a few old wives tales, two crying children and a curious dog. The baby was a fledgling and managed to seek refuge under the deck while its mother continued to feed it. We assume that it flew away one morning like it was supposed to, with no help from us. The most challenging part of those few days was keeping overzealous children from creating a bird sanctuary as the dog whined for a nibble of Robin Red-Breast Tartare. Cree the Wolf This Saturday, September 4, 2010, childre

Wilmington's Santa's Workshop open

Santa's Workshop at the North Pole in Wilmington will be open to the public tonight (December 21) and tomorrow (December 22) from 4:30 p.m to 7:30 p.m. for anyone wishing to see the "merry ol' elf before he hits the sky way. Rides and shows are limited. The price is $9.95/person for ages two- ninety-nine. Call 518-946-2211 for more information. The whole village is decorated for Christmas. The Nativity Pageant will be playing while Santa and the reindeer ready his sleigh. Carolers will perform and all the holiday shops will be open. Please keep in mind that snacks will be available but no restaurant. The carousel will be running for anyone wishing to take a ride on their very own a reindeer. Happy Holidays!

Wildlife animal care

What to do if you or your children come across a wild animal baby: 1) Do not touch. Leave the animal alone for the first 24 hours. In most cases the animal is there for a reason. 2) If a bird fell out of its nest, try to put it back. It is a myth that the mother won't return if a human touches it. 3) If the animal is obviously injured than call the experts like the Adirondack Wilderness Refuge at 518-946-2428