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How's Your Day? Special Olympian Max Jackoski Wants to Know!

Lake George's own Special Olympian Max Jackoski has started a Facebook page to help spread his brand of kindness beyond the shores of the southern Adirondacks. Jackoski and his mother Lisa are more than just mother and son, but a team that can inspire others to make someone's day a little bit happier.  “What I bring to my community.” “This all started because Max loves to text his friends and ask about their day,” says Lisa. “It then evolved into finding out and sharing the national daily celebration. I teach group fitness and Max would hear me announce a bit about the day and he decided to add it to his Facebook page. He does all his own posting and decides what goes on his page.” Today’s special video highlights World Down Syndrome Day , which takes place every March 21. The reason this specific date was chosen was to draw attention to the triplication of the 21 st chromosome, which is the cause of Down syndrome. Since 2006, March 21 has