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A Bit of Mother’s Day History : A Day of Peace

I’ve always found Mother’s Day to be a wonderful tradition. It doesn’t have to be about celebrating a woman.  The origin of Mother's Day was not intended to be about self, but about service.   We can celebrate Mother Nature or admire a person who has provided support. We can take a moment of silence and honor those no longer here. It is a momentary break from our busy schedules to remember a mentor or a mother figure, whether by birth or by choice. This Mother's Day perhaps we look beyond us, beyond our losses and our gains. Perhaps we look beyond those days turned into commercial holidays and celebrate nature and peace.  Days dedicated to mothers have been traced back to a variety of sources. The ancient Greeks honored Rhea, the mother of the gods. Christians honor Mary, the mother of Christ. Mothering Sunday, the fourth Sunday of Lent, apparently evolved to be a time when people working away from their homes were expected to return to their “mother” church. Th

Mother's Day in the Adirondacks

By Diane Chase There is plenty to do in the Adirondack for Mother's Day. Whether it's taking your favorite walk or visiting with family, there are activities and events to treat that special someone. Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 13th, and The Wild Center in Tupper Lake is giving everyone the chance to celebrate the women in their lives whether great-grandmother, grandmother or mother. This event is not just geared toward children, but to embrace the child within. Join in the festivities and enjoy a free opportunity to explore Mother Nature inside and outside the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks ( The Wild Center ).

Mother's Day in the Adirondacks: Mothers go FREE to Pendragon Theatre play

By Diane Chase On May 8th,   Pendragon Theatre   will open with the E.B. White classic story of   Stuart Little   adapted for the stage by Joseph Robinette. Personally I belief that seeing a family play isn't just for people with kids. Sometimes in my hectic life I want to be reminded of magic and animals that talk and to be pulled along into a story that exercises my imagination.   Stuart Little   promises all of that. Pendragon Theatre Managing Director and Co-Founder Bob Pettee says," There will be no intermission during   Stuart Little . It is a one act play. The basic story is of a couple who have an unusual son, a talking mouse. We follow the mouse on a series of adventures and meet a variety of characters along the way." Read more