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Choosing A Summer Camp For Your Children

I just wanted to list some regulations that all parents should be aware of when choosing a summer camp! (taken from the  New York State Health Department Children's Camp in NYS . Here is a link to the complete brochure.  1 ) Check the staff credentials/supervision: What are the qualifications of the camp director? All directors' background are screened by the Office of Children and Family Services Central Register Database. Make sure the camp director has been cleared by the NYS Health Department.  2) In New York State all summer camps must have a state, city or county health department permit to operate legally. 

Adirondack Education: Children and Earth Day

My daughter and I are bonding over our annual Earth Day celebration by cleaning up the parking lot for Ampersand Mountain. After donning her gardening hat and gloves she announces that she really doesn’t enjoy cleaning up other people’s garbage and would prefer ice cream. I tell her the ice cream will be a good treat to celebrate our job well done. She is not buying any of it. She is rather insistent with her garbage-picking protests. It’s not like I am asking her to wear the stuff like a hair shirt but just hoping to increase her awareness. She is sometimes oblivious of those little scraps of paper that escape from her hand. I finally am able to encourage her to join me, letting her know that even if she can’t go down the hill to get the garbage I need her help with the detection of it. She makes a game of “I-Spying” the trash with me retrieving it. Today she has X-ray vision for spotting cups, wrappers, bottles and bags lost under leaves and thrown over the embankment. The c