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Adirondacks For Kids: Lake Placid Holiday Stroll

By Diane Chase I  want that simpler time with Adirondack carolers, hot chocolate and exchanging friendly greetings on the street. I want to alleviate the holiday stress and just enjoy being with my family. On December 10-12, 2010, the village of Lake Placid will turn on its old world alpine charm and celebrate its annual Lake Placid Holiday Stroll. Santa will kick off the event with  free  skating at the  Olympic Center  on Friday the 10th starting at 6:30 p.m. Read More of my Post on Lake

What to do with Kids in the Lake Placid: Holiday Stroll Dec 10-12

My daughter is convinced I grew up in "the olden days." If so, I am afraid to ask what prehistoric era her grandparents enjoyed. She is confused during a family movie night when an actor plays an album on the turntable. To her a record player is a DJ's scratch pad. She hears all about keeping things simple and I now realize I have set myself into that cliché. She believes I grew up in it, that simpler time in her mind, where people sang for no reason at all and danced to the orchestra in their head. Read the rest of my post