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Easy Short Adirondack Hikes: A hike to Elephant’s Head Trail Map ( Paul Smiths/Malone)

At the summit of Elephant Head overlooking Lake Titus Distance =  0.5-mile from parking area to summit. Seasonally the road in is impassable, adding an additional  1.5-miles from road to parking area Elevation   = 1,939' Vertical Ascent  = 464' We don’t usually choose our hikes for the name of the mountain, but when daughter found out that there was an elephant in the Adirondacks, she wanted to see it for herself.   One such hike is the 0.5-mile hike to the summit of Elephant’s Head Mountain, part of the Titusville Mountain State Forest.  Depending on the weather and the type of vehicle, getting to the trailhead can be part of the issue. We turn onto the dirt road at the familiar brown sign marking the entrance to Elephant’s Head mountain. This time there are potholes to maneuver, but the road itself is manageable.

Easy Adirondack Hikes: Walk to Moose Pond (Saranac Lake) Trail Map

This certainly has been a spectacular autumn. There have been so many options for viewing the changing season and a quick walk to Moose Pond is one of our favorites. Even as the season wanes, there seems to be plenty of color in the mountains. This easy Adirondack family hike begins between two fields on Rt. 3 between Saranac Lake and Bloomingdale. Since it is midweek and no other cars are around, I park at the canoe carry at the Saranac River bridge. There is parking for three cars by the bridge, but during busy weekends and summer days it’s best to park at the pullover on Rt. 3 and walk the additional 300 yards.  Moose Pond Loop Trail Map © According to Historic Saranac Lake the Rt. 3 trail to Moose Pond was once a logging trail and then became the access for a private club called “Bel-Lago Park” in the 1920s. It has since converted back to state land. It has long since overgrown and narrowed to become the current foot access only trail. The

Challenge Accepted! Saranac Lake 6er: Adirondack Hikes: Ampersand, Baker, Scarface, St. Regis, Haystack, McKenzie

#280 Saranac Lake 6er on the summit of Haystack, after summiting McKenzie. #MountainMonday Challenge Accepted!  Saranac Lake 6er  View from Scarface- Saranac Lake 6er I’m slowly working on becoming an High Peaks 46er. I’m a 25er, though I admire all my friends that have climbed all 46 Adirondack peaks over 4,000’ including my husband, my in-laws and my daughter’s “fairy godmother."  I tend to go back to climb the peaks I enjoy like Wright, Algonquin and Marcy. I realize there are many different ways to appreciate the outdoors and one is to embrace the challenge of climbing the peaks.  Summit of Ampersand, a Saranac Lake 6er The Saranac Lake 6er program provides a different sort of test. The Village of Saranac Lake initiated the program to introduce people to the area’s lesser-known peaks. I was surprised when my daughter came home interested in becoming a 6er. My family have climbed the six peaks (St. Regis, Baker Mt, Scarface, McKenzie,

Easy Adirondack Hikes: Saranac Lake The Pine Trails

My family used to use the short “spur” trail known as “The Pines,” as a shortcut to a friend’s house. It was our path to a walk around beautiful Moody Pond and a road walk to Baker Mountain. The Pines was always a bit of a tangle with herd paths making it more a maze than a direct trail. We always managed to take a bit of a wander around, seeing the road beyond but always exiting with more of a bushwhack than easy stroll. Read the ADE FamilyTime column  Thankfully last year local Boy Scout Matthew Adams made The Pines his Eagle Scout project. With many trail improvements including water bars, benches and trail signs, the path is an easy wooded loop walk with no confusion over trespassing.  The 12-acre plot is owned by the Saranac Lake Voluntary Health Association (SLVHA) and deeded in 1937 to the organization while still under the name of “Saranac Lake Tuberculosis Society, Inc.” It seems fitting that The Pines is owned by the SLVHA.  Since 1897, the

Easy Adirondack Hikes: Silver Lake Mountain (Silver Lake, Au Sable Forks NY)

Silver Lake Mountain Ascent = 900’ Distance = 0.9 mile We were all getting a bit antsy and looking for something to do before a trip to Plattsburgh. We wanted a quick, easy climb with a beautiful view. Well, that isn’t too much to ask for, is it? Not in the Adirondacks! With the same ascent (900’) and distance (0.9 mile) as Saranac Lake’s own Baker Mountain, Silver Lake Mountain is certainly a family-friendly option. Located in the Taylor Pond Wild Forest, the trailhead to Silver Lake Mountain, as outlined in my second Adirondack Family Activities™ guidebook, Adirondack Family Time™: Champlain Valley from Plattsburgh to Ticonderoga: Your Four-Season Guide to Over 300 Activities ) is easy enough to find. We plan on making this a quick jaunt as my kids are old enough to make fast work of these smaller hikes.

Adirondack Hikes: Climbing Loon Lake Mountain (Fire Tower)

Loon Lake Mountain (Fire Tower) Vertical Ascent  = 1,642' Elevation = 3,335' Distance = 2.8-miles A friend of mine was describing her journey leading a group of boys up Loon Lake Mountain. She had gone in early summer and had experienced a wet trail and lots of mud. Though challenging, she described the trail with such joy that I had to bring my daughter along this rediscovered path. It may not be easy but Loon Lake Mountain is a great Adirondack family hike.   The 2.8-mile trail is accessed from a parking area on CR 26 in the Town of Franklin, north of Loon Lake. With an elevation of 3,335’ and a vertical ascent of 1,642’, the trail is well tagged with yellow trail markers. The path zigzags from woods to logging roads before reaching the base of the mountain. Even in late summer the trail is swampy in places. We discover that the most difficult part of the trail was about ½-mile from the summit. After crossing four plank bridges the trail started gaining

Easy Short Adirondack Hike: Snowshoe/XC-Ski the Red Dot Trail (Saranac Lake NY)

The Red Dot Trail in Paul Smiths, NY is an easy multi-trail system that connects to the Jackrabbit Trail, near the Paul Smith's College VIC. Either cross-country (XC-ski) or snowshoe during the winter. Be careful, nearby Osgood Pond does not always freeze.  Follow the clearly marked trail. Either cross the bridge over the canal or continue to Little Osgood Pond. There are two lean-to along the trail with a variety of conditions. There are some hills as the trail follows an esker that overlooks Osgood Pond.

Easy Short Adirondack Hikes: Mount Baker in Saranac Lake

Adirondack Family Activities™: By Diane Chase Mount Baker (Baker Mountain) Saranac Lake, New York Distance:  1.8 miles RT  Ascent:  884′  Elevation:  2452′  Mount Baker is a relatively short climb (1.8-miles round trip) and perfect for our first mother-daughter hike. She is constantly talking to herself as I sign the registry, a running commentary, gathering and lining up all her imaginary friends. We have quite a gang climbing with us, though only two of us are visible to any passersby.

Easy Adirondack Hikes/ Cross-Country Ski for Kids: A Portion of the Deer Pond Loop (Saranac Lake/Tupper Lake)

* Please note at the end, comments regarding blow down and conditions on the rest of the Deer Pond Loop! So many sweets have found the way into my home lately that if I didn’t know better I would think it was some evil plan of my dentist to keep himself in business. Plates of homemade treats line the counters and bowls are filled with brightly wrapped candies. I look at the bounty and rub my hands together with glee. I am the willing recipient of homemade goods. Since I have no shut off valve and devour the treats with wild abandon, I also need an outlet to work off my sugar overload. One way to work off those holiday treats is to go for a ski or snowshoe. There are many options and guidebooks available to venture outside and enjoy the snow. One cross-country ski my husband continually informs me I “have to” do is finally complete the 7.3-mile Deer Pond loop. There are two entrances for the Deer Pond area and I have always taken the less popular path near Bull Point on R

Easy Short Adirondack Hikes: Getting close to nature at the Paul Smith's VIC (Saranac Lake)

By Diane Chase We meet at the Paul Smith’s Visitors Interpretive Center ( VIC) to be led on an adventure by naturalist Lydia Wright. My children are acting like they have never been outside. They stand stiffly near the gazebo at the head of the Barnum Brook Trail (.8 miles). I ask what is wrong. I reexamine my words, “We are going to look at nature. It will be fun.” Nothing unusual there, sometimes it takes a bit for them to warm up in a group setting and this activity is full. We are each handed a magnifying glass, which my daughter promptly turns into an accessory, my son a weapon. We are going to start looking at all the changes of autumn. Wright points to a line of trees in the distance and asks the group to identify them. I can only say in my defense that I do need new glasses. I didn’t know the Tamarack was one of the few conifers that lose their leaves in fall and with that said looks nothing like a Birch. Each does have those lovely golden leaves. “Needles,” my son whisper

Easy Tupper Lake/Saranac Lake Hikes: Where the Raquette River meets Stony Creek

Raquette River - Stoney Creek loop Distance = 1 mile loop Elevation - n/a Vertical ascent - n/a Snowshoe = yes Cross-country ski = yes The first words to end peace in the family are “Are we there yet?” Gone are the years when we can just tell the kids we are almost there. My son can pinpoint landmarks like he is channeling a GPS. If we end up turning around and detouring, my son lists the waypoints necessary to obtain the final destination and yes, he is usually correct, we are not almost there. We spend an inordinate amount of time going in circles; to school, pre-school, store, work, back to school, pre-school, store and work. You can either remember those times or you are still so in it that you don’t realize that you are going in circles. Sometimes going in circles is frustrating while other times it is a peaceful journey. My husband piles the kids into the car and asks me to escape my work for a moment. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going. He kept saying, “You’ll enjoy