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Burlington VT's ECHO Museum

We have ventured from the woods and across the pond. We are compelled to see the exhibit, “Attack of the Bloodsuckers!” at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center located in Burlington, VT. I am not known for a fondness for anything of the horror genre so I usually abstain from anything that will cause two small children to crawl into bed with me at night. But I’m willing to go anywhere to learn more about my nemesis, the black fly. We have not gone to ECHO (a place to view the Ecology, Culture, History and Opportunities of the Lake Champlain Basin) before and enter the buildings to the sound of running water. The children rush up the stairs while my husband and I consult the brochure. I grab a Discovery Trail (flyer with scavenger hunt) but find it unnecessary. There is plenty else to do. We find our children at the tide pool petting starfish and anemones. We turn the corner and attempt to excavate some Beluga Wale bones. I do an on camera weather report while my son ventures i