FREE FISHING WEEKEND in the Adirondacks

By Diane Chase

This weekend is FREE fishing weekend around New York State. This is an opportunity for anyone to try fishing and not have to worry about getting a fishing license.

One place for kids to fish all season is Lake Steven in Wilmington, This small pond is specifically stocked for children and family members with disabilities.

Located at the Whiteface Memorial Highway tollhouse, Lake Steven also has picnic tables and a tiny interpretive nature trail that surrounds the pond.

Look for markers identifying trees along this level path. 

Take a picnic and enjoy the view while letting children experience the joys of fishing. 
Keep in mind, even though children can fish for free until fifteen, adults need a fishing license even to take a fish off of their children's hook. 

Diane Chase is the author of Adirondack Family Time: Tri-Lakes & High Peaks (Your Four-Season Guide to Over 300 Activities) available online and bookstores  July 2011.


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