Hiking with kids: Adirondack Family Time Tips

Hiking with children does not have to be complicated. Below are a few tips to help you on your way. Check back as I am will be adding tricks as I learn them from my own children! Always remember the point is to have our children enjoy the outdoors. Learn from them and take our time. Sometimes the goal doesn't have to be getting to the top, its the journey along the way!

Before you go!
• Always check your gear before departing.
• Dress in layers for the season.
• Make sure you bring plenty of water for each person
• Bring healthy snacks like GORP, granola bars, fresh or dried fruit
• A first aid kit, flashlight and compass.
• Be prepared to stop frequently.

Autumn Hikes:
• Bring rain gear no matter the weather. It can serve as a wind shield on top
• Although trails are clearly marked, it is always best to carry a detailed map.
• Hiking in late autumn can be tricky. Leaves can be wet and slippery and it is not unusual to experience small patches of ice.
• Wear shoes with good traction and step carefully.

Spring Hikes
• Be careful where you walk
• Don't go off the trail creating herd paths
• The terrain is delicate. With snow melt trails can wash out so use good judgement before hiking in the High Peaks


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