Solar Eclipse Moon Tracker Craft: See where the moon will move across the sun August 21, 2017

There are numerous posts regarding the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse. Here is my own post from May that also targets the various seasonal full moons.  All the safety measures and warnings about wearing approved eclipse glasses are necessary.

For anyone interested in creating a visual craft demonstrating where the moon across the East Coast and New York State during the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse, please feel free to print out the graphic I created using data from the NASA website.
Cut out the moon or color a 6"
paper plate

WARNING: If you and your family goes outside to watch the solar eclipse, please take all safety precautions seriously. Most local libraries have been offering Solar Eclipse glasses for free all summer. Please call to see if there are any left or stop by places like the Saranac Lake Community Store. Enjoy!

To make the Solar Eclipse moon tracker. 

Items needed
glue (optional)
one bamboo skewer or thin stick
one 6” paper plate
crayons, markers, or paint

Color the sun 
• Cut out one black circle (the moon) the
size of the paper plate or color the paper plate
to represent the moon
• If you’ve cut out the moon circle, glue it onto a 6” paper plate
  gently poke the stick through the back
of the plate and back through the front to form a handle
•color the disk to the right to represent  the sun
• Line up the moon (black circle) with the
lines on the
"thread" the stick through the plate
or moon cutout
sun (yellow circle) covering each
number sequentially.

Each line and number on the printout corresponds to the
time the moon will start to pass in front of the sun on August 21, 2017 in New York State.

The approximate time the moon will pass in front of the sun:
1) 1:30 pm
  2) 1:45 pm
  3) 2:00 pm
  4) 2:15 pm
  5) 2:30 pm
place the "moon" onto the number
to demonstrate what the moon
will look like passing in front
of the sun. 
  6) 2:45 pm
  7) 3:00 pm
  8) 3:15 pm
  9) 3:30 pm
10) 3:45 pm

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Solar Eclipse Moon Tracker
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