Challenge Accepted! Saranac Lake 6er: Adirondack Hikes: Ampersand, Baker, Scarface, St. Regis, Haystack, McKenzie

#280 Saranac Lake 6er on the summit of Haystack, after
summiting McKenzie.
Challenge Accepted! 

View from Scarface- Saranac Lake 6er
I’m slowly working on becoming an High Peaks 46er. I’m a 25er, though I admire all my friends that have climbed all 46 Adirondack peaks over 4,000’ including my husband, my in-laws and my daughter’s “fairy godmother."  I tend to go back to climb the peaks I enjoy like Wright, Algonquin and Marcy. I realize there are many different ways to appreciate the outdoors and one is to embrace the challenge of climbing the peaks. 

Summit of Ampersand, a Saranac Lake 6er
The Saranac Lake 6er program provides a different sort of test. The Village of Saranac Lake initiated the program to introduce people to the area’s lesser-known peaks. I was surprised when my daughter came home interested in becoming a 6er. My family have climbed the six peaks (St. Regis, Baker Mt, Scarface, McKenzie, Haystack, and Ampersand) at various times, but we would have to climb them again on or after May 25, 2013 to count toward official 6er status.  

We took our time becoming 6ers, starting out with the original group of hikers on May 25. 

It was a snowy, cold weather start and water crossing where high. We climbed a few of the mountains that day, but the rest were hiked during the summer months. 

Fire tower on St. Regis, Saranac Lake 6er
As the youngest, my daughter rarely gets to be the first at anything. She did become the first 6er (#280) in our family. We made sure of it.
Along the way to achieve 6er status we’ve witnessed non-hiking friends becoming avid hikers, children experiencing new vistas and adults revisiting favorite summits. The best part about the program is that it has introduced hiking to a new group of people.

Ring the 6er bell in Saranac Lake
The rules are simple. Climb the designated Saranac Lake 6er peaks and record the date and time each summit is obtained. 

Hike Mt. Baker, Saranac Lake 6er
Upon completion, go to the Berkeley Green gazebo in Saranac Lake, sign the 6er register and ring the bell announcing to everyone that there is a new 6er in town! There is a $10 program entry to receive a certificate with assigned member number, name added to the online roster, a patch and sticker. 

To date almost 2,000 people have become registered 6ers. Some of them as Ultras (climbing all six mountains in one 24-hour period) while others went on to become Winter 6ers as well. My family is content with being part of the 6er clan, but for now we’ll leave the Winter 6er to someone else.

Even though I’m a proud 6er, my 46er status remains the same. I hope to be included on a few High Peaks hikes with friends that are aiming for their own 46er status. If I do get my 46er, it will most likely be by default. Enjoy!

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