Adirondack Family Activity: Paul Smith’s College Retail Bakery

By Diane Chase

Paul Smith's Retail Bakery Themes
March 23  = Princess Day
March 30 =  Chocolate
April 6 = Cupcakes
April 13 = Springfever
April 18 = Easter (open two days for Easter)
April 20 =Easter (open two days for Easter)
April 27 = Daffest

I have never managed to get to the Paul Smith’s College Retail Bakery when it is open. I have certainly managed to get to the shop when it is closed, peered into the window looking at the empty bakery shelves thinking if I had only remembered a few hours earlier.

I am told the prices are more than reasonable and the 2nd year bakery students use this opportunity to showcase the skills they’ve learned toward earning their Associated Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts.
As part of the Retail Operations Management class, the bakery dates sometimes do change depending on the class structure. For this spring the bakery is open on most Wednesdays. I am told that running the bakery is not just around to keep me in an unlimited supply of beautifully decorated cupcakes but to give students experience in running a retail shop.

Each student is given a week to demonstrate the skills they’ve been learning. That particular student acts as the General Manager of the “store” and creates the menu based on a particular theme. The student must successfully provide the recipes, costing and positions for the other students. The last theme was Mardi Gras where you (if you got there in time) would have been able to see sugar cookies decorated as masks as well as other treats. The students all have to include some sort of cookie, bread (even a gluten-free option), a sugar-free item and an upscale product like handmade chocolates or French macarons.

For the rest of this semester the Paul Smith’s Retail Bakery is open on March 23, 30, April 6, 13,18,20,27. The hours are from 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. So under the guise of providing students with real life, working experience, I look forward to finally being able to sample some sweet treats. 


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