Make Snow Ice Cream - When it Snows... Eat it!

Make Snow "Ice" Cream -
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Living in a climate where it snows around 6 months out of the year, we either need to eat it or shovel it.

Eating snow is always the preferred way of using snow. This recipe for homemade soft-serve ice cream is easy and fun.

It doesn't store well so plan on making enough to eat immediately. My family doesn't seem to mind that they have to eat any leftovers. Enjoy!

One quick and easy dessert that is a fan favorite is making a soft-serve ice cream out of snow and simple ingredients found in the fridge and pantry.

(These measurements aren't exact because it really depends on the consistency of the snow.)

1 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup confectionary sugar
1 tsp vanilla
4 cups of fresh clean snow

• Gather the fresh snow and store it in a mixing bowl.
Make Snow Ice cream• In a separate cup mix together the cream sugar and vanilla until smooth.

• Pour the cream mixture over the fresh snow and stir together until smooth.

• Equal parts of milk for the cream for a lower calorie dessert treat. Beware: Since the fat content will be lower, the dessert won't be as creamy.
• Mix in chocolate, fresh fruit or other flavoring.

Using snow instead of rock salt and an ice cream maker is a simple, quick way to make ice cream. The consistency is more like soft-serve.

Make Your Own Ice Cream:
Putting any leftovers in the freezer will not make it taste like hard ice cream. My daughter still attempts it. The snow crystalizes and makes for a very crunchy texture.


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