Make You Own (DIY) Paw Wax: protect pets' paws in all weather conditions from frostbite or hot pavement

Paw Wax - protect dog paws from cold, road salt, heat
Protect dog paws from the cold
Recipe and Craft: Do It Yourself (DIY) Paw Winter Protection (Paw Wax)
- multi-use formula for pet walking, exploring, hiking, protect from road salt, frostbite, frostnip. 

The temperatures around the Adirondacks have been well below freezing, -31ยบ to be exact, but that doesn't stop our golden retriever from wanted to go outside to play. We still need to watch for signs of frostnip in all of us, we also make sure to take care of our pup.

Paw Wax ingredients -
DIY Paw Wax ingredients
We've always altered between using Musher's Secret, a food-grade barrier wax made in Canada, and a homemade version of a paw wax. Our dog tends to lick off everything so whatever we use, we need to make sure it is safe for the furriest member of the family. (We have even use it ourselves as lip balm or hand moisturizer while we are hiking.) What is good enough for the dog, is good enough for the children. 

Making your own paw wax isn't complicated, but the ingredients can be expensive. This recipe uses just ingredients I have in my kitchen.

paw wax water bath or double-boiler
Melt ingredients over a
water bath or double-boiler
olive oil
coconut oil
water to boil
double-boiler (or large pan with a smaller pan that will nestle inside)
heat resistant glass or metal storage container with a lid  

*I make beeswax candles with my children so I always have a block of beeswax on hand.

check paw wax consistency
Check consistency of
Paw Wax
(amounts are approximate)
3 tablespoons (Tbsp.) olive oil
2 tablespoons (Tbsp.) coconut oil
2 tablespoons (Tbsp.) beeswax (I just chipped off a bit of the block and measured it.)

Place the double-boiler on the stove. Add enough water in the bottom pan of the double-boiler and heat to a rolling boil. (I have a dedicated older pot I use for heating up beeswax and an old tin can that nestles inside instead of a double boiler. It all works the same.

paw wax cooling in glass container
Let Paw Wax cool
While that is heating, place all your ingredients into the smaller pot, tin can, or double-boiler nesting pot.

Lower the heat to keep the water hot and place place smaller pot into the water or onto the double-boiler.) Do not cover.

Gently melt all the ingredients together and take off the burner.
Paw Wax solidifies

Dip your spoon or use a wooden skewer to test the consistency of the paw wax.

The Paw Wax should be soft enough to rub into your dog's paws, but not runny.

Pour the melted ingredients in a heat safe container. Let cool.

Rub paw wax on and between pet's pads. 
Once the paw wax is cool, rub a small amount on and between your pet's paw pads to protect from the weather, elements, road salt, frost, and snow build-up.


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