Recycle Christmas Holiday Lights, Batteries, Cars and Electronics for Charity or Trade-in!

I use 'holiday lights" all year long. It isn't any wonder that I have to replace those strings of lights with regularity. One pesky missing light and the whole string makes my house look like it has a black eye.

If you have noticed, similar "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" that "there's a light on this tree that won't light on one side." please DO NOT just throw away your strands of lights. 

Below are some places near and far that recycle lights. Some even offer a discount on the next string of holiday lights. Now doesn't that put you in the holiday spirit! 

As we start decorating for the holidays you also may take notice if your string of twinkle lights are no longer working, please don't throw the lights in the trash. Look for places that can reuse and recycle! 

HOLIDAYLED, out of Elms Grove, WI, recycles old Christmas lights and gives you a 15% discount on your next order. You do have to pay for shipping. 
Active all year: YES
Tip: Do a town wide collection to share in the shipping costs plus it  still keeps lights out of the landfills. 

CHRISTMAS LIGHT SOURCE has a program collection in TX where the old Christmas lights are stripped to their elements, separated into copper, plastic and glass. You get a 10% coupon off your next order. 
Benefits: All proceeds benefit DFW Marine Toys For Tots  Foundation
Active all year: YES

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ENVIRONMENTAL LED out of Michigan recycles items locally. They also offer a 10% discount off the next order of Christmas lights. 
Active all year: YES

Target offers a trade-in as well as Staples and Best Buy

Best Buy also has a full recycling program from tvs, batteries, cell phones and monitors. They will even come to your house and take your old appliances, but you have to purchase a replacement. 

HOME DEPOT offers a TRADE IN event after Halloween. Trade in strings of incandescent lights and receive discounts of new LED lights,  up to 5 redemptions per customer.   
Active all year: NO, usually just November

LOWE'S will recycle strands of lights until the end of December. They do recycle a lot of stuff including plastic bags, rechargeable batteries, CFL light bulbs all year long.
Active all year: NO, strings of Christmas lights only through December  
(If you are in the 518#, Mike Verrillo, at Continental Bulb Recycling call 518-643-0698 recycles fluorescent tubes)  

Check out for a location close to you that recycles items such as batteries and cell phones. Another great recycling source is

Wheels for Wishes makes donating your used vehicle easy. For those of us residing in the northeast, your donation will directly benefit Make A Wish foundation.

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