Craft: Angel, Star, Tree and Snowman Paper Chain

How to make a paper chain:

Materials: paper*, scissors, pen/pencil, Adirondack Family Time Christmas Template

The paper can be as heavy or fancy as you wish. I used the comics as it was colorful and we could dig out something from our recycle bin.

Kids of all ages can do this indoor activity. I made the template a bit large so that little hands could help with cutting. This is a good exercise for eye-hand coordination.

Unfold the newspaper and cut or use just one sheet
Fold that one sheet in half lengthwise and cut to form two sheets of paper
Trace the template onto the edge of the paper. Remember to line up the red marks with the paper edge. That is the part that will link the images together forming the chain

Fold the paper like an accordian or fan remembering to keep the fold as close to the template "red" edges as possible. 

Cut out the traced image. Trim any extra paper that may hangs past the fold.
Do as many as you wish. For a longer chain just attach two together with tape. 

Unfold and hang


Anonymous said…
Do you have plans to do other holiday templates?
Diane said…
Hi Marianne,
Yes, I have hearts for Valentine's day and shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day. I'll have mobiles at some point, too. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Thanks for reading.

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