Easy, Short Lake Placid Hikes: A Walk Around Lake Placid's Mirror Lake

By Diane Chase
I have heard the walk around Lake Placid's Mirror Lake referred to as "the fitness trail." Though it is a nice 2.7-mile walk, there are no fitness stations along the easily recognizable red-bricked sidewalk. The level pathway is certainly a hub of activity around Lake Placid all year long. 
There are plenty of on street parking spots, but we choose to leave a car at Parkside Drive, near the south end of the lake adjacent to the pubic playground, tennis courts and the public beach. If I'm motivated I could do a few pull-ups on the monkey bars to constitute the complete fitness angle. We’ll create our own fitness trail. 

We park the car near the playground and look out onto Mirror Lake and reminisce about the frosty winter toboggan runs. Now a dock is out at the public beach and some people are even brave enough to take a dip. That water is too cold for me. Keep in mind that the Mirror Lake Public Beach is closed to swimmers when there is no lifeguard on duty. 
Lake Placid's red brick road
We head north around the aptly named Mirror Lake Drive. Families are out enjoying the sunset, walking dogs and chatting with neighbors.  I follow the pathway set with brick-colored paving stones. The path is primarily used for walking and jogging. We see various age groups from parents pushing strollers to seniors resting on the public benches as we walk around Mirror Lake. 

Stone plaques are inset into the pathway naming each of the 46 High Peaks with its corresponding elevation. My husband is a 46er and has some story to tell as we pass each mountain’s name.  I set my children on a quest to find Mt. Marcy, the highest mountain in New York State.  They seem to find plenty of other ways to entertain themselves on this level, easy path. What a beautiful walk. I am not ashamed to admit that looking at the houses is part of the appeal for me. The architecture integrates with the environment and walkway gardens are pristine.

From Mirror Lake Drive the walkway loops past the Lake Placid Marina and the public boat launch and loops south past the Mirror Lake Inn, The Cottage and the High Peaks Resort and toward Main Street. The loop takes about 45 minute to end up back at the playground. Of course a brief stop for ice cream added to our time. I run the Lake Placid outlet obstacle course on Main Street and wonder if perhaps my wallet got the best workout.

Adirondack Family Time Trivia
1)    How deep is Mirror Lake?
2)  Is there a lake named Lake Placid? 

1)    Mirror Lake averages to be 14 ft. deep with a maximum depth of 60 ft.

2)    Yes, Lake Placid (the lake) is actually located to the north of the village.  


Anonymous said…
an awesome place to take family for a nice walk!
Diane said…
It sure is! Great fun for all!

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