Lake Placid (NY) Fun Center Boots and Birdies: Ropes Course, EuroBungy, Mining and Mini-Golf

Boots and Birdies Lake Placid mining sluice
Though my kids enjoy our outdoor hiking adventures, they like to spend just as much time exploring all the various activities in our area. Recently a friend asked if I knew of any ropes courses around. We’ve been to a large ropes course in Bolton Landing and a few private courses attached to summer camps, but we hadn’t tried the Ropes Adventure Challenge Course at Lake Placid, New York's Boots and Birdies.

Booties and Birdies is not just a cowboy themed, 18-hole mini-golf course, but a facility with a variety of activities that can entertain a wide range of ages and abilities. When we park in their lot my daughter gives the Eurobungy a look of longing and is torn between the ropes course and the trampoline bungy.

18-hole mini golf course at Boots and Birdies, Lake Placid
Though there are options to save some money with a bungy/ropes course package or multiple tokens, it’s just the ropes course for my little monkey.  I’ve just gone grocery shopping so the milk isn’t going to keep through 18 holes of golf or even a bag of rough for gemstone mining at the nearby sluice.  

To participate on the Adventure Ropes Course a person has to be at least six-years-old, 44” tall and under 200 lbs. My daughter fits within all the requirements.

The Village Pillory at Boots and Birdies
Lake Placid (NY)
After receiving her token, she takes a moment for a photo op at the pillory because who can resist a photo of a child in the stockade. (I’m thinking Christmas card because photos of mountains can be over rated.)

There are eight obstacles on the course such as a swinging staircase, floating balance beam and platforms. She is given a harness that clips into the Ropes Course structure and off she goes. She manages to maneuver around the course without difficulty. The great thing is the Ropes Course doesn’t have a time limit. She revisits a few spots and states that the circular logs are the best. 

There is also a “chuck wagon” with such offerings as hamburgers, pulled pork, hotdogs, fries and onions rings as well as ice cream, fried dough and a combination of both, a fried dough sundae. (Yes!)

Adventure Ropes Challenge Course at
Boots and Birdies, Lake Placid
The picnic tables are convenient for watching the mining sluice, ropes course and bungy. Since my children are older, when I come back I can even sit and not share my fried dough sundae while they mini-golf.

Activities and Prices at Boots and Birdies, Lake Placid NY
On second thought, I may want to walk the course and then get myself a congratulatory sundae. I’ll have until Columbus Day weekend to ponder all my options. Boots and Birdies, 1991 Saranac Ave, Lake Placid is open every day from 10 am – 11 pm. After Columbus Day, the hours are weather dependent. Enjoy!

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