Easy Shorts Hikes in Inlet, Eagle Bay and Old Forge: Bubb and Sis Lake to Moss Lake

Recently we had to pick up my son from a Nike tennis camp at Colgate University. Since the drive from our house is a lofty 4.5 hours, we needed a place to unwind, stretch our legs and decompress.

The beginning of the Vista trail at Bubb and Sis Lake
trail, Eagle Bay, NY
A favorite hike located between Eagle Bay and Old Forge (NY) is a stroll to Bubb and Sis Lakes. The options are pretty wide open depending on the timeframe from a short hike to a lengthy walk. We weren't under any time crunch, but we'd hiked the Vista trail before and hiked around Moss Lake so we choose to just have lunch on the shoreline of Sis Lake.

The hike starts from Rt. 28, about 1.5-miles west of Eagle Bay. Turn north into the parking area. There are two handicap accessible spots so anyone can access the nearby Tobie trail. The only mildly challenging section of the trail is the first 0.2-mile. The trail gains most of its elevation within those first tenth of a mile. My GPS read that it was about a 200' vertical ascent from the parking area. There are a few rocks to hop over and a small stream crossing. At the top of the incline the trail forks.
We find a loon on the shore on Bubb Lake, near Old Forge, NY
The the left is the beginning of the Vista trail, a 4.4-mile, one way hike along a ridge that passes Mountain Pond, crossing S. Ronda Rd and continues to Rondaxe Rd (Bald Mountain trailhead).

We continue along the path to Bubb Lake, following the yellow trail markers. The path is wet, but wide stones have been placed strategically along the wide trail.

We can easily rock hop through the worse of the mud. It is just another 0.3-mile before reaching a junction. When the path veers to the left, stay straight to reach the southern tip of Bubb Lake.

Looking for wildlife along the shore of Sis Lake,
1.5-miles from Eagle Bay,NY
After visiting Bubb Lake, my family backtracks to the main trail and follows the trail to the eastern shore of Sis Lake.

Once again to reach the shoreline of Sis Lake stay straight at the next junction when the main trail moves to the right.

There are numerous herd paths and signs of a fire pit. We leave the trail and walk straight for about 200' to the shoreline of Sis Lake. My children question the safety of one massive fire pit, dug into the ground. They are correct. Any fire could have easily gotten out of control and spread through the surrounding tree roots.

After stopping for lunch, we walk back to the yellow trail markers and continue our relaxing stroll north for about 500 yards to a wooden bridge that allows for a limited view of both lakes.
A wooden bridge crossing the outflow
and inflow between Bubb and Sis Lakes,
near Inlet and Eagle Bay, NY

The complete hike to the wooden bridge where Sis Lake flows into Bubb Lake is only 0-9-miles. The trail continues for another 1.7-miles before reach the junction for the Moss Lake loop trail.

On our return trip to the parking area we encounter small children and elderly people enjoying this beautiful Central Adirondack hike. Enjoy!

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Piggyback Rider said…
I like the place. Looking forward for your upcoming blogs.
Tamster said…
It's really a lovely hike. Attempted it on our visit up there about four weeks ago, but had to bail early because heavy rains make parts of the trail really too muddy to continue. Tried a week later with my mother and a friend (both in their late 70's) and they made it, easily, as far as Bubb.

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