Easy Adirondack Hikes: One of 33 Easy Hikes: Lake Placid's Cobble Hill

Summit of Cobble Hill 
By Diane Chase

When I first moved to the area and didn’t have the time or inclination to just climb the 46 High Peaks, I decided to take a different route. That route has led me to explore beautiful trails, walks and swimming holes around the whole Adirondack Park. There are some places that have been worth a repeat visit and other places that were just okay. 

My two-year-old hiked in Crocs
while carrying "her" purse
My route has lead me over hills and through fields exploring all the fun activities that take place in this Tri-Lakes and High Peaks region and beyond.

One favorite hike is so conveniently located in the center of Lake Placid that I always suggest it to people of all ages and hiking abilities. Cobble Hill has an elevation of 2,345’ and a vertical ascent of only 462’. My ADK kids can easily finish it within an hour or I can take longer and explore the local flora and fauna. There are a few trail entrances, but an easy option is to start from the Northwood trailhead (Whitney Rd) located off of Mirror Lake Drive.

The initial walk in is a gradual incline. With all the recent rain I find the trail conditions to be more springtime than summer. It is easy enough to rock hop around the more marshy places, but proper footwear is a must. The trail is clearly marked with red markers as well as signs with arrows.

The guidebooks has 33 easy hikes,
19 swimming holes
trivia, maps and four-season of fun of
 Lake Placid, Saranac Lake
and the High Peaks:
At about a 0.25-mile there is a junction with Whitney Road trail with an option to go straight and take the 0.4-mile difficult trail or turn left to continue along the easy, winding path adding an additional 0.7 miles to my journey. I decide to take the Difficult Trail (0.4-mile). 

There is an option to follow the herd path to the right or, with the assistance of a rope strung between two trees, go straight up the hill. It isn’t necessary to use the rope, but it is quite fun. At the first rock face the window view is dramatic. To the south are the ski jumps and the High Peaks, to the northwest is Lake Placid village and Mirror Lake. I continue working my way to the top, passing the Easy Path junction on the left. At the summit is a different view of the ski jumps with clear aspects of Cascade and Pitchoff mountains. 

For a nice loop hike I take the Easy Path on my return. This top section is wet and rocky from all the recent rain. The trail quickly flattens out and leads me on the well-worn path close to Echo Lake. Wooded planks help through a few marshy areas, but otherwise it’s a fast return back to the Whitney Rd junction and the Northwoods parking area.

This trailhead can be reached by driving on Mirror Lake Dr. to the northeast shore on Mirror Lake. Between Mt. Whitney Rd and Northwood Rd is an entrance to the Northwood School. Go up the drive and a designated parking area is on the left. The trail entrance is about 500 yds. to the east!
Adirondack Family Time tip: Enjoy the Lake Placid July 4th fireworks from the summit.

The village of Lake Placid
Diane Chase is the author of the Adirondack Family Activities™ guidebook series, Adirondack Family Time™ with over 33 easy hikes, 19 swimming holes,  For more family fun go to AdirondackFamilyTime.com maps, trivia and four-season of fun for Lake Placid, Saranac Lake and the High Peaks.

 all photos and content © Diane Chase, author of Adirondack Family Time: Tri-Lakes and High Peaks (Your Four-Season Guide to Over 300 Activities) available online or bookstores/museums. 


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