A Happy B'Earth Day Cake


This is my daughter's favorite cake to make. It doubles as an Earth Day/Birthday celebration. If anyone is interested in making it, what I did was quite simple.

1) Make your favorite cake recipe. I used the one-bowl chocolate cake from Craig Claibourne's New York Times Cookbook. You have to make two batches for each half of the globe.
2) Find two bowls of the same diameter. Oil and flour the insides of both.
3) Cook as directed and when finished cool and use a spatula to pop the cakes out of the bowls.

4) Frost. I made a no-cook butter cream frosting. Frost the two halves together forming the globe.
5) Put a light coating of blue-dyed frosting over the sides leaving a small area on top for the polar ice caps.*
6) Lastly use a globe as a guide, with a different color frosting "paint" on your continents.
7) Go for a run. That butter cream frosting is just that, butter.

*I couldn't find my blue dye and berries made the "world" too purple so I borrowed from a friend! So either borrow from a friend, go to your natural food store or go online for some natural food dye alternatives.



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