Winter Carnival Outhouse Races in Lake George and Brant Lake

Just mentioning an outhouse and the potty humor starts pouring out. So before I go into a complete downward spiral, I’d like to say “only in the Adirondacks,” but that wouldn’t be true. Across the nation there are numerous wheeled “soapbox derby” races with themed outhouses pushed by costumed racers pitted against their decorated neighbor.

The difference from those races and the upcoming Lake George Winter Carnival Outhouse Races is the ice.  The first 2015 Adirondack outhouse race takes place February 7, Saturday, at 12:30 pm on Lake George. There is an alternate location if the ice is considered unsafe. Registration begins at 10 am at Duffy’s Tavern (518-668-5323.)

According to Adirondack Studios’ owner Tom Lloyd what started as a quirky competition for his custom design and fabrication firm has grown to be a competitive race. Eight years ago the Adirondack Studios design team took a break from its large-scale projects for the Broadway stage and other elements of the entertainment industry to pull together a fun local project, an Adirondack outhouse.  

Lloyd explains that the format is a double elimination race. Once you lose twice, you are out. There is no entry fee so anyone can just show up as long as the outhouse meets regulations.  

Brant Lake's outhouse race is part of its 3rd annual Winter Carnival. This one-day event, February 21, has modeled its outhouse race after the Lake George event except for one significant difference. 
According to Brant Lake Winter Carnival co-chairperson Cindy Mead their outhouse race has a cash prize of $1,000. 

"We have a $25 entry for each outhouse entry," says Mead. " Our members, Randy and Patty Berg have donated the cash prize in memory of their son Davin. All the proceeds go toward the Tri-Lakes Business Alliance where the funds are used for more Brant Lake events."

This year the Brant Lake Winter Carnival will have a large sledding hill, ice skating rinks, curling demonstrations, snowshoe softball, snow bowling and more. The event will culminate with a winter fireworks display! Call 518-494-3016 

If you plan on building your own outhouse racer, here are some race specs to take into consideration. 
- All outhouses must be raced in the upright position
- Materials used for construction can include wood, aluminum, fiberglass, steel, Plexiglas
- Human powered: participants include one ride, two pushers and two pullers
- No windows or doors, only cut outs
- The dimensions are 4’x4’ wide, at least 6’ tall and in an upright position
- The combined weight of rider and outhouse must be at least 250 lbs.

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