Craft: Make a paper or felt fortune cookie

The U.S. Greeting Card Association’s website states that about one billion valentines are sent worldwide each year. Not that I am not the sentimental type but most of the time cards end up in the recycling bin. Saving cards seems to create just one more thing to move. There are some items that I do keep that are only significant to me. So for anyone looking to create a different keepsake, here is a paper of felt fortune cookie.

Paper or Felt Fortune Cookies

Getting ready for Valentine's Day? Need a quick idea to make little treats for your children's friends?

Use the template and follow the simple directions to make quick and easy fortune cookies.

Different ideas

1) Use either paper (beige if you must be authentic) or any color. Cut a thin strip of white paper and put a Valentine wish inside.

2) Let kids give one to Dad or Mom with a "coupon" for a good deed inside. I keep waiting to open a fortune cookie that will let me know someone else is going to do the dishes. (Hint. Hint.)

3) Fill a bowl with your fortune cookies and let your child pick one in the morning and have the cookie direct he/she do something silly.

4) Fill a bowl with fortune cookies and let your child pick one to allow a special privilege like an extra treat or getting to pick which family movie to watch.

5) Make a fortune cookie treasure hunt and have clues direct your child to various places around the house where you've hidden the next fortune cookie.


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