"Pippi Longstocking: A Family Musical" Brings Adventure to Saranac Lake's Pendragon Theatre

(Saranac Lake) This year’s Rising Star Productions has found a new home for its fall children's musical at Pendragon Theatre. Over 30 area kids will be on stage to dance and sing their way through the pages of the classic 1945 Swedish book series “Pippi Langstrump” by Astrid Lindgren. This family-friendly show is a fun kids' activity, appropriate for all ages.

The book series was adapted for the stage by Sebastian and Staffan Gotestam and became “Pippi Longstocking: The Family Musical.” This two-act play is directed by McCayla Quinn and focuses on the free-spirited adventures of the red-haired, self-reliant character Pippi (played by Robyn Rutgers) who lives with her horse and pet monkey in the Villekulla Cottage while her sea captain father (Simon Thill) is out at sea.

“There are all sorts of hijinks throughout the show,” says Quinn. “Pippi stops thieves from stealing her pirate gold. She takes over the circus where she is stronger than Mighty Adolf, the strongest man in the world. She is constantly outsmarting the adults as she is living alone.”

According to Quinn the character of Pippi is appealing to all because she is a free spirit that is smarter than people think. Pippi knows how to have fun and to not take things too seriously.

Pippi befriends her proper, well-mannered young neighbors Tommy and Annika, who admire her freedom. Since she spent most of her life at sea, Pippi has no idea how to act in "polite society." Comedy ensues as she attempts to enroll in school and attend her neighbor’s tea party.  When her father returns to take her aboard the ship for adventures abroad, Pippi must decide to stay in the town she has grown to love or seek adventures on the open sea.

Opening night is this evening, Wednesday, November 5, at 7 pm with other performances on November 6 and 7 at 7 pm and November 8 at 2 pm. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for children. Only cash or checks are accepted. Call 518-891-1854 for reservations. 

Pippi Longstocking : Robyn Rutgers
School Mistress: (Leena Keel)
Tommy Settergreen (the well-brought up boy who lives next door): Forrest Monroe
Annika Settergreen (The timid sister of Tommy): Lucy Thill
Mrs. Prysselius (welfare officer): Sylvie Linck
Circus Ringmaster: Andrew Scanio
Miss Carmencitia (a circus princess): Annelise Dramm
Mighty Adolf (Strongest man in the world): Parker Scanio
Bloom (a shabby, thief): Jesse Izzo
Thunder Karlson (Bloom’s partner in crime): Morgan Olsen
Captain Ephraim Longstocking (Pippi’s father): Simon Thill
Constable Cling: Will Holmlund
Constable Clang: Eleanor Crowley
Mrs. Granberg (a snobby lady): Rosemary Crowley
Marianne Settergreen Tommy and Annika’s mother): Amelia Brady
School children: Stephanie Kilbourne-Hill, Brian Brady, Addison Dann, Bethany and Jillian Clark
Pirates: Ruby and Griffin Smith, Sydney Dann, Andrew and Parker Scanio, Annelise Dramm

Production Staff:
Director: McCayla Quinn
Assistant Director Jessica M. Deeb
Stage Manager: Michael Monroe
Technical Director/Poster/T-Shirt Design: Bonnie Brewer
Choreographer: Elodie Linck
Pianist: Karen Robards
Piano Assistant: John Holmlund
Lights and Sound: Witter Swanson

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