Mount Pisgah (Saranac Lake) Multi-Use Trails

It seems like this is finally the time that the snow may stick around. Some ski mountains are able to make snow so we can get on those trails as quickly as possible while others wait until Mother Nature helps with that base layer. I am still in autumn mode, even with shoveling snow. I am not so quick to pass up that beautiful time of year. I like the chilly nights and warmish days. That is why I live here. Every season is so different and I enjoy each one. Yes, even mud season.

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Recently my daughter and her friends had suffered through my list of errands and really needed a place to run around.  I didn’t want to get into a long hike and they didn’t either. My husband recommended the new trails behind the tennis courts at Mount Pisgah, Saranac Lake. What started as a quick jaunt, turned into a wooded exploration. The paved path starts near some boulders marking the entrance and lead behind the courts. I start walking while the girls just took off. This first trail is a paved figure 8 that loops around Mt. Pisgah’s small reservoir. There are benches placed along the trail and the girls start playing tag. There is really something amazing when kids get onto trails. They turn from bored to engaged in a matter of moments.

After they release some steam running back and forth they want to investigate the rest of the mountain. We head back to the parking area to reach the multi-use trails (mountain biking, XC skiing, foot traffic) on the north side of the lodge, near the lodge’s handicap access. We enter through the wooden arch and continue to explore. It only takes moments to reach the top of the ski trail. We opt to take in the view instead of following the trail over the mountain. The conversation quickly turns to fun memories of skiing and snow tubing the Mount Pisgah trails. Soon enough they’ll be back using these trails on skis.

Keep in mind that Pisgah’s annual ski and skate swap is this Saturday. November 22 from 9 -11 am at the Mount Pisgah Lodge. Drop-off items for sale on Friday, November 21 from 5-8 pm. (No straight skis or rear entry boots.) Check out for ski pass information and other upcoming events.  Enjoy the snow!

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