Adirondack Food: German Night at Duncan's Grill Lake Placid

I love going to a place that has a story. Though not every place I bring my family to has as rich a history as The Pine Inn in Lake Placid, there is usually something interesting about all the Adirondack locations that makes us come back for more.

Though we went during the special Duncan's Grille Oktoberfest weekend at The Pines' Inn in Lake Placid, the intimate dining experience wasn't just about the amazing food, it was about the quality of the experience.

We started out with some fresh pretzels , hot mustard and a cold beer. Delicious!

We were given a few choices of sides so my kids chose the tasty red cabbage, 
fresh sauerkraut with potatoes and gravy along with the main course. 

Bratwurtz and Schnitzels! I wasn't sure how my kids would like the food. They aren't picky, but sometimes my youngest can't pass up the grilled cheese menu option when we go out to eat. They loved it all! It was comfort food on a plate. I didn't get a picture of my son's dinner because he ate everything while I was taking his sister for a stroll.   
I don't eat meat but I did help myself to the cabbage and 'kraut.  

 The Fish Fry portion was too big to finish so I brought part of it home. 

Click here for a history of how Jill Cardinale Segger and her husband Frank Segger have renovated and retained this quaint Lake Placid inn that originally started in 1900 as The Pines. 

Sold in 1923 and renamed the St. Moritz, the hotel went through some major renovations before coming into the hands of the Segger family. The Segger family provides a unique Adirondack experience while maintaining the charm of a 1900s inn. Enjoy!

My daughter was intrigued with the statues and artwork around the Pines Inn. The owners kindly let her go around and explore while my husband and mother-in-law finished their meal. 

For events, rooms, wedding and special events contact The Pines Inn Lake Placid directly!

(no gifts were given for this review. I just happen to like good food... perhaps a bit too much!) 

 © Diane Chase is the author of the Adirondack Family Activities™ guidebook series, Adirondack Family Time™, which is available online or bookstores/museums/sporting good stores. Diane is currently working on the third guidebook in the four-book series of Adirondack Family Activities™.


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